Go Green is a brand new family board game

that is packed full of fun, humour, and excitement.  Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board collecting fruit, vegetables, pigs and chickens to fill your garden and allotment.  The ‘Green Fingers’ cards turn up unexpected twists and turns in your quest to go self-sufficient, so you’ll have to protect your chickens from foxes, sell your produce for profit at the village fair, and avoid drought, Bird flu, and your livestock escaping... The ‘Natural Selection’ cards are interesting, thought-provoking and educational multiple choice questions that players must answer to win Haybales. The ‘Good life’ awaits...so get digging.  Can be played from ages 7 up to 100, from 2 to 4 players.


  1. 15 Pigs

  2. 15 Chickens

  3. 50 Haybales

  4. 4 Wheelbarrows

  5. 24 Fruit Tokens

  6. 48 Vegetable Tokens

  7. 60 Green Fingers Cards

  8. 60 Natural Selection Cards

  9. 4 Allotment cards

  10. Game board

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Download the rules
as a PDF.